Almond croissant


Two eccentric French people, Let’s admit it, Laurence from Paris and Bernard from Lyon (where, as “the world’s culinary capital”, Curnonsky said it ! food is more than a religion there), who lived and fell in love with Vancouver, were frustrated not to find genuine French pastries (and French/European good food in general) in lower mainland.

Because so many people around them were delighted when eating a chocolate eclair filled with whipped cream or unfinished custard from a mix of hot water and powder, Bernard decided to act. Exalting compliments to French culinary arts after tasting such a hideous pastry undignified him. He decided to import real and genuine French know how to Vancouver in order to educate such palates that didn’t have the chance to welcome a real chocolate eclair (normally made of fresh chocolate custard). After an alcohol less French party (yeah right !), carried away in his crazy delirium, and provoked by a friend’s stupid dare, he accepted the challenge.


Joined by Laurence in his crazy quest, and through the city of Vancouver permit department nightmares during a 9 month long tough labor, they gave birth to Baguette and Co in Kitsilano, on April 1st 2010. This bold joke actually gave birth to a successful business, developing itself in wholesale and retail areas, with a second location opened in the West End on October 31st 2012.


combo1 combo2 combo3

• 1 Medium Americano or Tea

• 1 Viennoiserie


• 1 Medium Americano or Tea

• 1 Viennoiserie or Patisserie

• 1 Lunch Item of your choice


• 1 Medium Americano or Tea

• 3 Mini Patisseries


The latest news from Baguette & Co

Valentine’s day is coming

We are developing our new products for Valentine’s day. Something with a fresh strawberry mousse and dark chocolate. Maybe also…

It’s time for King’s Cakes

Our King’s Cakes or Galette des Rois just arrived in our shops.
It’s a cake celebrating the Epiphany in France….

Christmas logs

Our christmas logs are in our shops!
4 different flavours:
– Vanilla Strawberry
– Apricot Hazelnut
– Lemon Blueberry
– Royal Chocolate